July, 16 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

International guns and weaponry companies are accused of supporting terrorism in conflict land

Brescia Middle East of Lebanon and SIMAINT of Aghanistan fooled the US Army of million dollars in contract fraud

The United States has been losing their men, money, and control in the war-torn countries like Afghanistan, Iran, and Syria because of the rampant corruption in these nations. The locals and the businessmen of the neighboring countries are leaving no stone unturned to bag enough military contracts and grab the opportunity of profits from the violence.

The contractors have no intention of serving the war victims rather they want to pocket the international fund and run away with it. A rough calculation of SIGAR reckons the bizarre figures of billions of dollars that the US Army has lost to date in Afghanistan.
Sima Salazar International—a company that forged official documents, falsely procured military contracts of worth $150 million, completed not a single project, and flew overnight from Afghanistan, shutting all of its branch offices. The company was jointly run by Raymond Azar and Tony Abi Saab—both are Lebanon natives. Although Tony Abi Saab is not a direct owner of Sima Salazar, most of the shares of the company are owned by the Abi Saab family members, making him equally responsible for the company’s illegal deals and fraud activities.

Brescia Middle East—another company that was charged for a grievous crime like selling weapons to the terrorist groups active in Syria and Afghanistan, despite knowing that the weapons would be used to kill innocent civilians. BME also defrauded the US Army of 5 million dollars and sub-contracted several ghost companies in Middle East countries. It is owned by Tony Abi Saab and it is his main company, apart from BME, he owns K5 Global, Brixia and G2Armory. All companies of Tony have been banned from doing business in the United States.
Sima Salazar sub-contracted under Brescia Middle East; and Tactica-Ltd, a Tony owned company in Afghanistan, had business links with Sima Salazar. Thus, the interconnection and link between the two fraud companies BME and Sima Salazar are quite evident and vivid.
Another thing to note is that Raymond Azar is a close relative of the Abi Saabs. The wife of Tony’s father Joseph Abi Saab is the real sister of Raymond’s wife. In 2009, Raymond was caught and punished in the US court. He was sentenced to five years of jail for plotting conspiracy against the US troop in Afghanistan and a penalty of 15 million dollars.

Tony Abi Saab was brought to stand trial in the US court in 2011. He is shrewder than Raymond and much aware of the loopholes in the justice system of the US. He pleaded human rights violations against the investigation team and later denied any sort of relationship with Raymond. He had pulled out his case from the criminal court to drag it in the civil court where he got some undeserved benefits. He denied all the allegations put by the Army. He made sure none that none of the evidence collected by the CIA, FBI and the US Army to be submitted in the court, things happened exactly the way he planned. Sadly, he walked away from the US court as a free man.

Ivor Kuznetsov